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Female Leaders at Polyus: Natalya Tarasova, Production System Instructor

20 September 2020
Female leadership at Polyus: Natalya Tarasova, Production System Instructor

Kuranakh Road Transport Shop employees have submitted more than 230 efficiency initiatives so far this year, including 203 proposals that have been successfully implemented and are now in place.

Natalya Tarasova, Polyus Production System Instructor at the Road Transport Shop, was a key initiator behind the improvements.

Since early 2020, Natalya has already suggested 57 initiatives for improvement, 49 of which have been successfully implemented. Natalya demonstrated great initiative at the peak of the pandemic by suggesting and introducing a number of appropriate and effective proposals.

For example, she suggested packing protective masks in separate sterile packs and putting them in dispensers at all Road Transport Shop areas so that employees could replace their masks at any point during the job.

Her responsibilities include training Road Transport Shop employees on how to use Polyus Production System’s basic tools and engaging them in the continuous improvement system. If a staff member is having difficulties in shaping an idea, Natalya acts as a mentor, helping them to put it into words so that they can introduce the initiative. She also at times generates her own ideas and asks Road Transport Shop employees to develop and present the initiative themselves.

Natalya Tarasova commented:

“At first, I noted that some of my colleagues were happy to voice their ideas but were unwilling to present them because they were afraid of making a mistake. So we got together to study the issue, and wrote down the proposal together on behalf of its originator. The employee would be rewarded for the idea and its implementation. Once my colleagues saw that their ideas would not be ignored, they began to identify gaps in routine operations and suggested their own improvement initiatives.”

Natalya is responsible for supervising the establishment of efficient and safe workplaces as well as the development of operational procedure standards. She plays an active role in this process: she paints, develops layouts, makes information boards and updates the Production System materials.