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Careers workshop for students at Bodaibo Mining College

Careers workshop for students at Bodaibo Mining College

Polyus prioritizes attracting talented students for our future workforce; in order for students to find out more about working at the company and its sub-divisions, Polyus Verninskoye and Lenzoloto employees organized a workshop for students from the Bodaibo Mining College.

Yulia Tilkanova, Senior Specialist for Personnel Training and Development at Polyus Verninskoye, explained why Polyus takes a special interest in students at the Bodaibo Mining College:

The college helps graduates to prepare for a variety of different job opportunities at Polyus, including being a geologist, surveyor, blaster, miner, etc. at the company. These types of professional occupations are always in high demand and are crucial to gold production processes.

Igor Tsukurov, Managing Director of Polyus Verninskoye, commented that the Company’s operating assets focus on recruiting both graduates and undergraduates, including for internship roles:

We aim to foster a positive environment for potential new joiners, and we hope that doing this will make them more likely to consider Polyus at the start of their careers. Career guidance events undoubtedly help students to make important decisions about their career path, and we generally see high levels of interest from students in working at Polyus.

Polyus employees delivered a presentation on daily life at Verninskoye. During the workshop, undergraduates asked questions about accommodation at Polyus sites, and the future gold miners were impressed by the well-equipped dormitories, canteen, sports facilities and gyms. Students were also interested in the cutting-edge digital technologies which are being introduced at mining operations across Polyus’ sites.

Lev Tishchenko, third-year student at Bodaibo Mining College, added:

I was interested to learn more about the rollout of advanced technologies at Verninskoye as well as automation more generally across Polyus’ operations. I found out that the data recorded at various production areas is collected and processed automatically. I was pleased to see that Polyus also offers a number of online training sessions for individuals’ development.

Students can use an internship opportunity at Polyus to collect valuable information to use in their essays and end-of-year papers. If they prove to be ambitious and responsible, they could be offered a permanent job at Polyus at the end of the internship.

A graduate degree is required to apply for vacant positions at Polyus, although some roles require additional higher education qualifications. Development training is offered to employees throughout their careers, giving employees with fewer qualifications opportunities for promotion.