Our people

Polyus’ employees are its greatest asset. The company takes responsibility for ensuring that its employees work in a safe and comfortable environment.

We are focused on constantly improving living and working conditions for our staff, enhancing our remuneration system and creating opportunities for professional development and career growth.

This work is regulated by the corporate HR Policy and Human Rights Policy, developed in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and ICMM Principles , which are also incorporated in the Polyus Code of Corporate Conduct.

We work constantly to improve our human resource management processes and are introducing some of the best international standards.

Average number of employees

Average number of employees

Polyus seeks to attract highly qualified and motivated professionals and is working to further improve its talent acquisition process.

During the recruitment process candidates are considered based on their skills, knowledge, experience, general attitude and motivation. We strictly do not discriminate by age, gender or any other factor.

We recognize and protect our employees’ right to a safe and healthy workplace, freedom from discrimination and freedom of association.

We respect the cultural diversity of the regions where we operate and run the business with due consideration for the interests of all our stakeholders.

Every company employee, manager or officer is obliged to adhere to the principles outlined in the corporate Human Rights Policy.

To learn more about career opportunities at Polyus please visit the Polyus Careers website at career.polyus.com.

Social Support

Polyus is continuously working to improve its corporate remuneration system and closely monitors industry average salaries and regional average salaries in the regions where the company operates.

Polyus’ remuneration system is based on employee grades. In addition to the base salary, remuneration also includes a bonus, which is linked to target KPIs.

Polyus aims to offer attractive employment benefits. In addition to our remuneration and bonus system, we offer meal allowances and compensate travel to the place of work, as well as life insurance, health improvement programs and financial aid. Employees of all our business units also receive health insurance cover.

Polyus’ shift camps offer modern and comfortable accommodation, canteens and sport facilities.

We also run a number of original initiatives to encourage employees to socialise outside of their day-to-day work environment, including corporate volunteering programs, professional skills competitions and in-house Olympics.

Training &

Polyus actively invests in training its employees and developing their professional and leadership skills.

The corporate training system reflects both the needs of individual employees and the company’s demand for new skills. Its key elements are:

  • Polyus’ Corporate University which offers multiple opportunities for professional development and career growth, including distance learning opportunities.
  • Polyus Knowledge («Полюс знаний»): a corporate programme focused on continuously developing managerial and business skills and which builds networks between employees across the company.
  • HSE training programs: please see Health and Safety.

One of the key components of Polyus’ human resources management system is the development of a corporate talent pool. The company identifies and trains its most promising employees to ensure there is a strong pipeline of internal candidates to fill management positions as they become vacant. Participating in the talent pool programmes enables employees to efficiently plan their future careers. We believe this career path transparency makes Polyus an attractive employer for high-end professionals.

Polyus currently runs two talent pool programmes:

  • Gold Reserve («Золотой запас»): a programme to identify and deploy the potential of talented personnel
  • Golden Standard («Золотой стандарт»): a career and succession planning programme for line managers.
Corporate Culture

Polyus strives to maintain a corporate culture where every employee actively works towards a common goal.

A recent corporate study has helped to define a set of core values shared by all employees of Polyus:

  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Cooperation
  • Development
  • Stability
  • Safety

These values are outlined in the Code of Corporate Conduct, a key document describing and shaping Polyus’ corporate culture.