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Women’s business

17 January 2024
Women’s business

On 17 January 2024, Polyus and Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House released the first episode of the Women’s Business Project, a podcast series on women working for the Company. The guests dismantle stereotypes that say that this business is not for women, share secrets about the appeal of the north and talk about themselves, their career in mining and the gold production process.

There will be about 20 episodes in 2024, and the project involves women from across the Company.

“In conditions of severe understaffing, especially in industry, we have become increasingly aware over the years that there are no longer any exclusively male or female jobs, and any stereotypes regarding inequality based on gender, age or anything else are irrelevant,” according to Victoria Vasilyeva, Director of Public Relations. “Women currently hold about 30% of middle and top management positions in heavy industries. Decades of studies have shown that female leaders enhance company performance, introduce new business workflow tools and embrace changes faster. The good thing is that gender equality is not an issue for young people, which is proved by our list of admissions to the new Polyus Class, which has a 50/50 gender split. We believe that this podcast series will be of interest to a wide audience. The guests talk honestly about their professional choices and about their work at Polyus, which, although sometimes challenging, is always fascinating. This project will inspire some women to participate in the Talented Women in the Mining Industry award, while others will use this as a social elevator or to help them decide on their professional specialization and career path.”

The first episode is “Inspired by Geology: a Journey from Saint Petersburg to the Siberian North.” This success story told by Valeria Andryushchenko is already available on the Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio website as well as on the most popular podcast platforms.

Five episodes were recorded in 2023, which included contributions from winners of the Talented Women in the Mining Industry award.