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Polyus’ Water Report wins ECO BEST AWARD

Polyus’ Water Report wins ECO BEST AWARD

Polyus was awarded first place in the Best Environmental Report category of the ECO BEST AWARD for its inaugural Water Report, which was published in March 2021. ECO BEST AWARD is an independent public award presented to both Russian and international companies for products related to environment, energy and resource conservation.

The Water Report provides detailed information on use of water resources by the Company’s operating assets, in addition to outlining the specifics of the corresponding Russian legislation and national water resources for an international audience.

Polyus was the first major company in Russia to publish a report of this kind. Polyus intends to continue to publish special environmental reports, in particular, devoted to biodiversity, climate change and tailings management safety.

Polyus’ 2020 Water Report is available to download here: