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The summer undergraduate career guidance program supported by Polyus has ended

15 September 2022
The summer undergraduate career guidance program supported by Polyus has ended

Participants of the Summer in Krasnoyarsk city project had a productive vacation. A group of high school students interested in mining professions visited Polyus Research Center. This is the only center in Russia that conducts the full research cycle ranging from deposit geology to gold bullions.

The young people had the invaluable experience of meeting gold mining professionals who love their jobs. The same question was asked in each of the center’s laboratories: "what do I need to study so I can come and work here?" Such events widen the understanding of engineering occupations, dispel stereotypes and open up interesting areas for undergraduates.

"The students were fascinated and curious, while our specialists were happy to share their experience and knowledge. During the visit to the Research Center, they learned more about our labs, ore processing and gold recovery. They were particularly interested in biooxidation and looked through some visual materials, such as images of microorganisms. Biotechnology is an effective way of treating concentrates as well as recycled water. Our phytotreatment system also attracted their attention. The Research Center is always glad to host younger generations and provide them with detailed information. This is very helpful for students who are making their choice of future profession",

commented Valery Tumakov, Head of Science and Technology at Polyus Krasnoyarsk Research Center.

August is the last month of the summer vacation for school students and the time when teachers and heads of schools schedule the new school year.

Polyus, in cooperation with the Siberian Federal University, participated in the III Krasnoyarsk Academic hackathon, Ecosystem in Education section, which took place on 17-19 August. For three days, participants developed career guidance activities devoted to advanced engineering for high school students in different formats, such as educational modules, hackathons, makerthons, competitions, projects, etc.

The team from Achinsk won the contest for their integrated program, which included a series of educational events held at their school and the Siberian Federal University. The team received an award from the Company and an offer to apply for the university’s career enhancement program aimed at providing undergraduates with psychological and educational support in their search for suitable engineering areas.

In addition, as part of the School — University — Company Educational Ladder workshop held during the August teacher council in Irkutsk Region, Polyus, together with the Irkutsk National Research Technical University, shared the experience of their integrated work with school students, their parents and teachers. They held joint discussions about ongoing projects and explained the mechanics for working in an integrated way on career guidance and providing assistance for the self-determination of school students.

Polyus facilitates a range of education and science projects. The Company has been working with schools, colleges and universities to implement career guidance activities in the regions of its operations since 2021.