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Siberian winter in Kuranakh: caring for workers’ comfort and the environment

15 January 2020
Siberian winter in Kuranakh: caring for workers’ comfort and the environment

The Kuranakh team (Polyus Aldan) is not afraid of the harsh Siberian frost. The residential and operational buildings are heated by three strong boiler houses.

The central boiler house, which heats the production facilities, residential and public buildings of Nizhny Kuranakh, is efficiently supported by two additional boiler houses. They provide for an optimal temperature at the production sites of the truck shop’s general transport department and the Kuranakh mine.

In contrast to the central boiler house, which supplies hot steam, the main heat transfer fluid sent by the auxiliary boiler houses to the heating system is hot water.

Their operations are maintained by support facilities. Each boiler house has a 150-meter deep well. It fills reserve tanks with water, which is then pumped to the boilers for heating and circulation in the heating system. The water is purified and softened by sodium filters.

Artyom Afanasiev, Head of the heating and water supply department, said:

“We maintain a continuous process of improvements, upgrades and automation. Our auxiliary boiler houses were equipped with modern 1.25 MW boilers. They helped to increase the temperature of our heat transfer units by up to 4-5 degrees.”

In the interest of the environment, Polyus Aldan installed new battery cyclones, for cleaning the gas emissions from the boiler houses.