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Session on electrical safety for children held in Bodaibo

25 May 2019
Session on electrical safety for children held in Bodaibo

Vitimenergo held an interactive training session on electrical safety for Raduga school students in the town of Bodaibo.

Power engineers showed the children educational videos and organized a game to assess their knowledge of how to properly handle electrical appliances, as well as fire and water safety rules. The students actively participated in the discussion and earned points for giving the correct answers.

The session was followed by hands-on exercises on simulation mannequins. The children and their parents learnt to assess the severity of injuries and provide first aid. Vitimenergo’s experts also educated the students about fire extinguishers and demonstrated how to use them properly.

Finally, they held a small competition to train them in putting on high-visibility vests and helmets and extinguishing a fire. At the end of the day, each child received a “First Aid Kit” — a stylised packet of sweets.