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Polyus teaches RANEPA students the best sustainability practices

Polyus teaches RANEPA students the best sustainability practices

On 30 March, Daria Grigoreva, Polyus’ Head of Sustainability, shared her insight on best sustainability practice with third-year students of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), as part of their Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability training.

Daria Grigoreva, Head of Sustainability at Polyus, commented:

“Polyus has consistently integrated the principles of sustainable development into its business practices. These are not mere words, but the core of the Company’s activities are in line with recognized leading global practices and standards. We recognize the importance of all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and incorporate regional health, safety and environment, including our impact on the climate, into all of the Company’s processes.”

Daria also discussed how the general understanding of sustainability has evolved, and now impacts on managerial decisions within all areas of Polyus’ activities. The employees of each business unit are guided by the corporate values, in line with sustainability principles.

When providing context around implementing ESG strategy, Daria noted the agreement with RusHydro for renewable energy supplies to Polyus’ assets in the Krasnoyarsk Region. In addition, in mid-March, Polyus became the first major Russian company to release a Water Report, setting a new standard for transparency and sustainability in the company’s use of water resources. The share of recycled water used in Polyus’ production processes within its closed-loop water circulation system is around 93%. This enables the company to materially reduce the levels of freshwater consumption. Polyus intends to continue to reduce its volume of water intake, improve efficiency of wastewater treatment and increase the share of surface water in its consumption breakdown.