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Polyus took part in the MINEX mining and exploration forum

7 October 2022
Polyus took part in the MINEX mining and exploration forum

On 5-6 October, Polyus took part in the 18th annual MINEX Russia Forum, which is the leading international platform for discussing issues regarding the development of metals and mining in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Community. Representatives from Polyus spoke at the sessions Sustainability of metals and metallurgical companies: objectives, priorities and drivers, Development and strengthening of internal communications in the industry and Women in digitalisation in the Mining and Metals industry. Case studies. The Polyus project won the Sustainability nomination in the Russian Mining Award competition.

At the panel session Development and strengthening of internal communications in the industry, Yulia Deeva, Head of Special Projects, Public Relations at Polyus, talked about public and internal communications in conditions of instability. She also shared her experience of holding the corporate Professional Skills Contest and elaborated on the Golden Discovery special project.

At the session dedicated to Digitalisation in the metals and mining industry Kristina Dzhatieva, senior technology expert, spoke about developments in the field of production planning and accounting and the program for the transformation of production processes in combination with production and economic planning.

Ekaterina Kulikova, Head of ESG Communications, spoke at the plenary session Sustainable development of metals and metallurgical companies: objectives, priorities and drivers. She described the current sustainability trends that Polyus follows and shapes domestically and globally. Ekaterina highlighted the increased demand for reporting certain ESG issues and the importance of setting realistic intermediary goals related to climate commitments.

Polyus received a Russian Mining Award for its work on achieving carbon neutrality. The award ceremony, known in Russia as the «Mining Oscar», was held on the last day of the Forum. Polyus’ Climate Strategy received an award in the Sustainability Project category. The jury emphasized the significant success that Polyus had made in achieving the target of 100% renewable sources in the company’s energy consumption and its consistent approach to risk assessment and setting decarbonization goals. The Climate Strategy, which Polyus released this year, was named a unique project designed to achieve carbon neutrality in addressing climate change.