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Polyus supports urban development projects in the Tenkinsky district

13 October 2021
Polyus supports urban development projects in the Tenkinsky district

Polyus Magadan is running a program in the Tenkinsky district to repair the facades of the local school and housing and install a playground. As part of the initiative, the Company has purchased a vibrating block-making machine and commissioned murals.

Repairing Ust-Omchug school

Repairs to the Omchug school’s canteen are underway, and the Company has also donated new equipment and furniture for the cookery classroom. Polyus also supported the building of a cafeteria for the students and renovations to the school’s roof.

Repairing houses

Polyus Magadan has helped finance repairs to the exteriors of two houses. The Company also helps to winterize construction joints and paint houses and commissions colorful murals for the buildings, which the local residents really enjoy. Painters from Saint Petersburg produce beautiful impressions of scenes such as the Jack London Lake. The work has been praised by Vasily Kruglov, Deputy Head of the Tenkinsky urban district, who is responsible for housing and utilities. He said the murals emulate all the beauty, color and diversity of the region’s wildlife. Thanks to Polyus’ support, soft and safe coverings have also been laid on the grounds of the new playground. Swing sets and roundabouts are also due to be installed in the backyards on this street.

Purchase of a vibration block-making machine

Polyus Magadan has donated more than RUB 8 million for the purchase of a vibration block-making machine. The machine will produce paving blocks, kerbs and edging for infrastructure improvements. This will provide ten new jobs in the district and lower the costs of future projects. The machine will be installed near the central boiler plant, where next year the local government will be constructing a small factory.

Rehousing people living in rundown buildings

Polyus continues to support the local rehousing program for residents living in unfit or neglected buildings. This year, funds provided by the Company will be spent on the demolition of two unfit houses. The district’s government provides new accommodation in Omchak for anyone living in these houses. The residents of seven homes have already been rehoused, with 22 more rehousings expected. In 2020, the Company spent RUB 10 million on improving residents’ living conditions including demolishing three unfit houses, renovating apartments in Ust-Omchug for those being relocated and paying compensation to rehoused property owners. In 2021, the number of compensated property owners has been 1.5 times higher than in 2020.

Aleksandr Ognev, Managing Director of Polyus Magadan, said:

«It is a priority for us to support the Tenkinsky urban district. I am glad that we have established such positive relationships with the local government. Together, we have made great progress in improving local infrastructure, healthcare and schooling, and we look forward to further cooperation.»

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