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Polyus supports the renovation of Bodaibo cinema and concert hall

20 January 2020
Polyus supports the renovation of Bodaibo cinema and concert hall

Polyus Verninskoye funded the renovation of the Vitim cinema and concert hall. Over the course of two years, the company contributed more than RUB 10 mln towards upgrading the facility.

The modernisation project began in 2018. The abandoned cinema hall was transformed into a state-of-the-art leisure center, the auditorium was well renovated, outdated utilities and communications were replaced and the interiors were revamped.

Igor Tsukurov, managing director of Polyus Verninskoye JSC, commented:

“We are always open to contributing towards local projects and we welcomed the invitation to support the renovation of the Vitim cinema and concert hall. From now on, the Bodaibo townspeople, many of whom work at our company, will have the opportunity to go to the cinema, attend concerts and enjoy their free time.”

Evgeniy Yumashev, mayor of Bodaibo, added that, as part of the People’s Initiatives program, an Atmos system had been procured, that recreates a realistic audio effect and brings the sounds of a film to life. The effect is reinforced with special overhead speakers, filling the hall with surround sound.

Evgeniy Yumashev said:

“Our cinema is now one of the best in the Irkutsk region. Without Polyus’ support, it would have been hard to accomplish this huge project. We continue to foster social and economic partnerships with local companies for the benefit of the Bodaibo community.”

The newly refurbished Vitim hall has already hosted a gala concert featuring guest stars from Moscow.