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Polyus supports regional professional competitions of students

Polyus supports regional professional competitions of students

Polyus Magadan has supported students from the Magadan Polytechnical College and North-Eastern State University in the regional stages of mining-process competitions, with the winners having the opportunity to participate in the nationwide competition.

Students from Magadan Polytechnical College competed against each other to win a qualifying spot for the All-Russia Professional Skills Contest. The students specialize in Geological Surveying, Prospecting and Exploring Mineral Deposits, and demonstrated their knowledge of these areas during the competition.

Ten prospective professionals took various tests over the course of several days, and following the results of the regional contest, Darya Pozhidaeva was named the winner, and is set to participate in the All-Russia competition, which will take place in the Yamalo-Nenetsky District this April. According to teachers, the most promising undergraduates from the Geology and Construction Department took part in the Olympics, an event held by the Magadan Polytechnical College in conjunction with Polyus Magadan.

The results were concluded at a training lab refurbished and equipped by Polyus.

Maxim Morgachev, Director for GR and Licenses at Polyus Magadan, commented that this signifies close cooperation with the college:

“Polyus is highly invested in the training and education of highly qualified mining specialists. A new mineral processing laboratory has recently been opened at the college, and students undergo training at the Natalka Mine on an annual basis. These students have chosen a promising profession to pursue, as no mining and processing plant can exist without geologists.”

In addition, Polyus Magadan has partnered with a preliminary round of the CASE-IN International Engineering Championship at North-Eastern State University. Three teams competed in the Mining League, while eight rival teams participated in the Exploration League for the chance to travel to Moscow as the Magadan Region representative team. Students from different colleges and universities across Russia and CIS countries teamed up to research and solve issues related to the fuel and energy sectors, as well as mineral resources. This year, the championship’s theme is based on upgrading mining processes and technologies used in the sector.

Alexander Karlovsky, Mine Plan Group Lead at Polyus Magadan and member of the Expert Council, commented:

“This is our third time participating in the CASE-IN Championship. We devote great attention to students who apply innovative solutions in the competition. There is great potential for some of them to work with us in future.”