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Polyus Stroi invests in training its employees

23 January 2020
Polyus Stroi invests in training its employees

Ten employees from Polyus Stroi are taking part in a two-year educational project of the Federal Siberian University.

The educational programme is aimed at providing new knowledge on industrial construction, and the university professor developed a specialized education programme specifically for this purpose.

Evgeny Griva, HR and Administration Director commented:

“When a company sets a high value on its employees, it is willing to invest in their development and further education. The Master’s Degree course is one of the ways of enhancing the professional skills of our employees. We are investing now with the aim of developing highly-qualified professionals in a couple of years’ time, who will be able to introduce new effective solutions that will improve the performance and efficiency of our company.”

The Master’s Degree course is an external programme and is set to last for 28 months.

Alexey Kholodov, Leading Specialist of Omchak Group at Polyus Stroi, said:

“I hope that the project will expand my career possibilities. The Master’s degree is a more qualitative degree of higher education. This is a real chance for me to gain deep knowledge of industrial and civil construction and to apply it successfully in my daily routine.”

Polyus Stroi further plans to develop a similar Bachelor’s Degree programme, as an option for employees who have completed the post-secondary education to further develop their skills and enhance their qualifications.