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Polyus released 300,000 young peled to the Vilyuyskoye water reservoir in Yakutia

6 July 2020
Polyus released 300,000 young peled to the Vilyuyskoye water reservoir in Yakutia

Polyus Aldan continues to improve environmental safety

Late in June, the Company carried out another fish stocking as part of reproduction aquatic biological resources by releasing young peled, Polyus Aldan said to SakhaNews.

Natalya Silantyeva, Head of Environmental Department at Polyus Aldan:

“Around 300,000 were released to the water basin of Vilyuy at the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). These activities were performed under the Plan for Assisted Reproduction of Aquatic Biological Resources at the Fishery Waters of Republic of Sakha.”

Meanwhile, Health, Safety and Environment team at Polyus Aldan has already gained positive experience in reproducing the biological resources and here is its new achievement. A young peled weighs 0.005 grams. Fish was bred at the Chernyshevsky fishery farm.

Source: SakhaNews