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Polyus refurbishes school classroom in Ust-Omchug

27 December 2020
Polyus refurbishes school classroom in Ust-Omchug

The school now has a classroom with video conferencing capabilities, a necessity in the current climate. The refurbishment and subsequent installations were funded entirely by Polyus Magadan. An unveiling ceremony took place online in December 2020.

Attendees included Anzhela Shurkhno, Minister of Education of the Magadan region, Roman Korsun, Head of North-Eastern State University, and Pavel Vorsin, Managing Director of Polyus Magadan.

Following the donation of furniture and equipment, the classroom now meets the most advanced standards. According to Deputy Head Marina Rublyova, the new equipment will enables students and teachers to overcome logistical issues that were previously hindering the learning process. Students will be able to attend classes, lectures, hands-on workshops and webinars conducted by university and college teaching staff.

The video conference equipment is also expected to be used for helping students to prepare for national final exams, advanced professional training of teachers, and awareness-building amongst the parents of students.

Pavel Vorsin, Managing Director of Polyus Magadan, commented:

“Introducing modern digital technology has become vital to all disciplines, and is therefore one that we view to be a matter of urgency in education. This is especially important in more remote areas. I believe all children deserve a high-quality education, regardless of where they live. Therefore, we were overjoyed to play our part and support this initiative and help to open this new classroom. We could not be happier with how it has turned out; if I were studying today, I am sure I would love to study in such a classroom.”