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Polyus publishes Supplier Code of Conduct

16 July 2021
Polyus publishes Supplier Code of Conduct

Polyus has published its Supplier Code of Conduct containing guidelines for its suppliers and contractors regarding key areas of sustainable development and ESG.

Ensuring responsibility in supply chain is an important aspect of Polyus’s Sustainability strategy in line with industry best practice standards. The Code will not only apply to existing suppliers, but will also serve as a guideline for the due diligence process when selecting new suppliers and contractors.

The document builds on sustainable development principles reflected in corporate regulations, rules and standards that govern Polyus’ activities, including: The Ethics Code, Human Rights Policy, Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy, Standard for Sustainability Management, Standard for Interaction with Contractors on HSE and Corporate Standard on Cyanide Management.

The Code sets out clear guidance to be followed by suppliers with regard to Environmental Responsibility, Labor Conditions and Human rights, Health and Safety, Business Ethics, Compliance and Information Protection, Procurement and Social Responsibility.

Polyus expects that the Code will serve as a useful tool for existing or prospective suppliers to benchmark their own standards and performance. The Code will be subject to regular review to ensure it reflects best practice.

Polyus’ Supplier Code of Conduct is available here: