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Polyus provides training for local colleges in Sakha

Polyus provides training for local colleges in Sakha

Throughout the pandemic, Polyus Aldan has continued to progress its well-regarded and advanced employee-based training program. The Company has recently held a number of training sessions in partnership with the Aldan Polytechnic College and the North-Eastern Federal University (Yakutsk).

In a session for second-year students, Evgeniya Andreeva, Head of Learning and Development at Polyus Aldan, helped attendees to prepare for internships at the Company. Evgeniya was ready to answer all questions, and the students had many, for example:

  • What are the specific responsibilities of a mining specialist?
  • What activities does an internship include?
  • How can I apply for a position at the largest gold mining company in the region?

Polyus Aldan accepts students with the highest academic results onto its internship programme. Each intern is assigned an experienced mentor, who guides them and helps to improve their knowledge and skills. Evgeniya Andreeva provided an overview of the corporate program for future specialists.

Polyus has set the bar high for candidates, as students have to pass certain tests and interviews in order to be selected from the pool of applicants. As the Company gains an understanding of the student’s final career goal, it establishes a personal development plan for each selected intern, setting specific objectives and milestones. This plan serves as the basis for the student’s development, with a focus on potential future employment.

At the session with students, Evgeniya delivered some additional words of wisdom:

“Your readiness to work and improve your professional skills in theory and practice is the key to success!”