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Polyus provides New Year decorations for Bodaibo

15 December 2020
Polyus provides New Year decorations for Bodaibo

Thousands of lights and shining garlands have been installed across Bodaibo to mark the New Year celebration.

This winter, the town’s main streets were decorated for this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration with support from Polyus’ subsidiary companies. A host of light installations, garlands, festive street lamps and decorations on trees were all erected to mark the celebration. This year, lights have also been installed in the Gold Miners Park, which was equipped with modern amenities by employees of Polyus Verninskoye last summer. Bodaibo residents’ favorite park is now shimmering and glowing all around, which was a lovely surprise for the local community as well as any visitors to the town.

Igor Tsukurov, Managing Director of Polyus Verninskoye, commented:

“We are doing our best to help the residents of Bodaibo in staying optimistic, despite the circumstances. 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us due to the pandemic, to the extent to which many of us are ready for a well-deserved rest this festive season. There is also still a long winter ahead, so it is especially important that everyone feels positive about the coming months. Our colleagues did their best to create the festive spirit of New Year and Christmas with their decorations, and we are pleased to see families coming here and taking lots of photos.”

Polyus Verninskoye also plans to help build a nativity scene ahead of New Year and Russian Orthodox Christmas.

Source: IrkutskMedia