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Polyus launches a water preservation campaign

20 March 2019

14 March is the International Day of Action for Rivers. Shortly before this date, Polyus launched a campaign for more efficient use of our water resources.

Every year Polyus uses ca. 21 million cubic metres of natural water from underground and surface water bodies. In 2018, consumption from surface sources accounted for about 50% of this amount, or over 10 million cubic metres, 94% of which was reused in the reclaim facility.

Given the importance of the issue and the ICMM’s appeal to mining industry leaders for sustainable water consumption, in March this year Polyus announced a two-year water preservation campaign. As part of the plan to optimize our water consumption, we have established a number of initiatives to minimize water waste at every stage of the production cycle, reduce per unit consumption of water from natural resources by raising the share of pit and surface water (rain and melt water), and ultimately increase the efficiency of water consumption at Group level.

On top of this, one of the purposes of the campaign is to enhance cooperation between different units of the Group.

The water project is designed to find new growth points for technological leadership in resource conservation.