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Polyus invites local school pupils to join Polyus Class educational program

Polyus invites local school pupils to join Polyus Class educational program

Polyus employees hosted a demonstration at Krasnoyarsk School #9, inviting senior-school pupils to participate in the Polyus Class educational program.

The project was launched earlier this year, and offers an overview of gold mining and the specialist roles that are in high demand throughout the industry. The project is a partnership with the Federal Siberian University, which offers ten relevant major mining specialty courses.

Aygul Shadrina, Coordinator of the All-Russia career guidance project «Vision of the Future», commented:

«10th grade pupils often do not have a clear idea of where they can work as schools only provide a basic overview of sciences such as chemistry, physics and maths. Polyus is promoting subjects that are requirements for surveyors, geologists, engineers and flotation experts, as well as the other specialisms offered by our university. This detailed information helps students decide where to enroll and how to prepare for admission exams».

ПDuring the lesson, students who wish to participate in the project completed their applications. In November, those students will sit exams in core subjects such as chemistry, physics and maths to gain a place on the course. Those who pass and are admitted to the course will also be given laptops by Polyus to help with their studies. Within two years, they will train to pass the Russian unified state exam to enroll in a more advanced course. If Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, the pupils will be offered excursions to the Company’s operations and face-to-face meetings at camps.

This is not where the Polyus Class program ends. Students enrolled in the key faculties will join the corporate training program, under which they will receive individual scholarships and internship opportunities at Polyus’ operations. Graduates have a high chance of being employed by the Company.

Valeria Vilisova, Talent Evaluation and Management Expert at Polyus, stated:

«As with all major companies, Polyus is interested in hiring and training highly skilled employees. Unfortunately, higher educational institutions often see students’ attention spans decrease as they realize the complexity of their studies. As learning about metals and mining is not always easy, we decided to step in and inspire our future employees».

The students reacted positively to the program, with many keen to participate in the competitive selection process. Modern students are pragmatic, focusing on the Company’s status, salary expectations and opportunities for career development.

Alexander, a 10th grade student, commented:

«I don’t know what I will specialize in yet, but I would like to work at Polyus. I like machinery and mechanics, especially the heavy machinery operated at the open pits. I believe I could eventually become a machine control engineer».

The Krasnoyarsk students are not the only pupils joining the project. Similar introductory lessons will be held in Sosnovoborsk, Achinks, Minusinsk and Kansk at a total of 20 educational institutions.