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Polyus included in Top-10 of RAEX ESG Ranking of Russian companies

Polyus included in Top-10 of RAEX ESG Ranking of Russian companies

Polyus has been included in the TOP-10 of ESG Ranking of Russian companies by the European rating agency RAEX for the first time. In July, the Company rose eight positions to be positioned 9th out of 130 companies.

Polyus was the fastest climber in this year’s ranking and was also ranked 3rd for the Environment rating (E).

In July 2021, RAEX-Europe assigned Polyus an ESG Score of 71 (equivalent to a rating of AESG), indicating that Polyus performs strongly in its management of ESG related risks and opportunities.

In particular, RAEX experts noted that Polyus effectively mitigated climate change risks through a systematic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the assessment of climate-related risks and an increase in the use of renewable energy. The assessment also highlighted Polyus’ well-developed corporate social responsibility practices and the Company’s reduced rate of occupational injuries.

The assessment also noted that Polyus is effective in mitigating management risks related to its corporate structure thanks to an effectively run Board of Directors, a stable and transparent ownership structure, and solid risk management, and the high level of detail and transparency provided by the Company in its non-financial reporting.

The full rating assessment can be viewed following the link.

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