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Polyus improves facilities at a local school in the Bodaibo region

14 November 2020
Polyus improves facilities at a local school in the Bodaibo region

Polyus Verninskoye has renovated a school’s gym and paid for laptops to equip a computer room at the school in Kropotkin, a village in Krasnoyarsk Territory region.

The renovation consisted of laying down a new floor, replacing the windows and painting the walls in the gym. Polyus Verninskoye provided the school with laptops, all with up-to-date graphics cards and pre-installed office and graphic software. Polyus provides support to schools on a regular basis. For example, it provided a tour for local students to Novosibirsk.

Valentina Leontyeva, School Director, commented:

“After the renovation, the gym had a completely new look. It is now up-to-date, comfortable and a nicer space. We are very grateful to everyone at Polyus for their efforts, they really have made the dreams of the children come true. The school administration, teachers and students appreciate the help and assistance provided by Polyus Verninskoye’s management in renovating the gym.”

Igor Tsukurov, Managing Director of Polyus Verninskoye, commented:

“Kropotkin is far away from the nearest town, Bodaibo. In such a remote location, children do not have access to the same leisure activities as those who live in the towns and cities. We try to improve this and create a more comfortable environment for the schoolchildren in Kropotkin to play sports and training in. Undoubtedly, the newly-equipped computer classroom will allow the students to receive a higher quality education, one more comparable with urban environments.”