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Polyus holds fire drills and improves firefighting infrastructure

Polyus holds fire drills and improves firefighting infrastructure

This year, Polyus found its operations in an area hit by a natural disaster when a fire broke out in Kuranakh near the Krasnoyarsk site. To ensure everyone is better prepared for emergencies in future, the Company has developed a fire drill program.

After emergency teams were put on high alert earlier this year, Polyus installed additional water tanks and fire extinguishers, and carried out inspections on PPE. In partnership with the Federal Forestry Agency, the Company donated extinguishing equipment and renovated the local fire station. Wildfire extinguishing rules were developed and approved for each rented forest area. Specifically, burning piles of brushwood and dry grass, bonfires and garbage have been banned.

In 2021, the Company also ran large-scale drills in accordance with its unified emergencies approach, with Polyus employees, local emergency services and the general public participating.

The exercises occurred across all Polyus business units, with particular emphasis placed on Kuranakh, Yakutia, which was badly hit by the wildfires. To more effectively fight fires in future, Kuranakh prepared itself for Summer (when fires are more likely to occur) by implementing a number of fire protection measures. Polyus employees, local emergency services and Nizhny Kuranakh locals participated in the drills aimed at quickly locating and responding to such an emergency. After reviewing the results of the drills, additional measures were implemented to further improve future emergency responses.

Regularly scheduling drills to combat an emergency and neutralize any threat best prepares our emergency teams and equips them to help locals and rescue teams in the event of a natural disaster. This provides confidence that Polyus will be able to handle any disasters that occur in the next hot season.