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Polyus helps lead the global mining community’s efforts to support society and build a strong recovery from the COVID-19 crisis

15 June 2020
Polyus helps lead the global mining community’s efforts to support society and build a strong recovery from the COVID-19 crisis

At the End of May ICMM published its briefing — COVID-19: MINING WITH PRINCIPLES TO ADDRESS A HEALTH AND SOCIAL CRISIS — which demonstrated the importance of the contribution major miners such as Polyus are making to global efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The report highlighted that more than one in three of the countries, areas or territories where COVID-19 has a foothold are resource-dependent, according to WHO figures. These resource-dependent countries are home to almost 30 per cent of the global population. It also highlighted that ICMM company members have donated more than US$315 million to global response efforts through COVID-19 funds and individual company donations to national relief efforts.

In recognition of its significant contribution to support communities in Russia through the crisis, Polyus was presented in the report as one of the leading sector examples. The report specifically highlighted the important role the Company is playing in helping finance regional responses to the pandemic, having established a RUB 1 billion fund with the Far East Development Fund (FEDF) to finance activities to prevent the spread of the virus. The initial tranche invested is financing initiatives including the procurement of personal protective devices and medical equipment for local hospitals in the Magadan and Yakutia regions in Russia, and 45 medical ventilators have been to hospitals in the regions where Polyus operates to treat COVID-19 patients suffering from severe pneumonia.

Polyus was the first company from Eastern Europe to join ICMM. All ICMM members are expected to adhere to the ICMM Mining Principles, which seek to maximise benefits to communities where mining companies operate, to minimise negative impacts and to effectively manage societal challenges.

At this time, ICMM believe that through collaboration across their global network, their members are and can continue to play a leading role in protecting communities, and also in helping to build a more resilient future for global society.