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Polyus employees buy gifts for children in need

Polyus employees buy gifts for children in need

Towards the end of the year, Polyus hosted its annual corporate charity initiative, “Operation Santa Claus” at its offices in Moscow, Kuranakh and Magadan (Natalka). As part of this initiative, company employees bought New Year gifts for orphans and disabled or severely ill children.

This year, Polyus’ team arranged gifts for children in the Orotukan children’s home, the Hope children’s home in the Magadan region and a boarding facility for children with special needs in Nizhny Kuranakh, as well as for children supported by the Gift of Life and the Life Line foundations undergoing treatment in Moscow.

All the children’s wishes were granted. The gifts were either presented at New Year parties or delivered to the children at home, so that no kids were left without presents on New Year’s eve.

As well as arranging the usual delivery of gifts, Polyus also helped to fit out the boarding facilities with equipment for developing children’s skills.

For the boarding facility in Nizhny Kuranakh, the company supplied a special needs playground, facilitating children’s rehabilitation, as well as new biology, geography and physics textbooks. Polyus donated sports equipment and sportswear to the Magadan children’s home and helped to equip a hairdressing training class at the Orotukan children’s home. In addition, the company procured playground supplies including skipping ropes, volleyballs, basketball and soccer balls for the Ust-Omchug shool, and the Omchak schoolchildren received an interactive whiteboard and video projector.