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Polyus donates expensive medical equipment to regional hospital in Nizhny Kuranakh

10 February 2021
Polyus donates expensive medical equipment to regional hospital in Nizhny Kuranakh

Polyus Aldan has donated brand new medical equipment for laboratory tests at the Nizhny Kuranakh hospital.

The new equipment is expected to decrease the time taken for biochemical analysis and support the work of the lab technicians, while also reducing the length of time for medical checkups for patients.

The clinical laboratory at the Nizhny Kuranakh hospital has now have two additional analyzers to use, with the previous, outdated model having worn out.

The new equipment also includes two biochemistry analyzers: all biochemical tests will now be performed on the main analyzer unit, while the second will remain on standby. A hematology analyzer is an instrument used to run a complete blood count; the units were procured and delivered to the hospital by Polyus Aldan. This model of blood analyzer is known for its high processing speed and capability for running numerous tests.

Yulia Lang, Deputy Chief Executive at the Aldan regional hospital, commented:

“One of the devices will examine hemostasis, the blood coagulation system. We have performed such an analysis here before, but previously could only take our patients’ blood samples on scheduled days as these then had to be transported to the town’s clinical and diagnostic laboratory.

The new equipment solves this logistics issue, enabling us to conduct tests on our own premises. There are some other key benefits, for example, an automated urine analyzer would allow us to test more patients, in line with best industry standards. In simple terms, the equipment is of a very high standard and we are extremely grateful to Polyus Aldan.”

Elena Lavrentyeva, Senior Lab Technician, said:

“The VitaRay-200 biochemistry analyzer can screen enzymes, proteins and any biological fluids. A further advantage is that it has a water intake washing station, which greatly improves the performance of the biochemistry analyzers.”

All of this will make it possible to differentiate inpatients and outpatients, significantly improve working conditions for medical staff, and advance the scope of medical examinations that can be conducted. All five equipment units have been delivered to the Nizhny Kuranakh hospital.

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