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Polyus donates a dumper truck to a remote village

30 June 2020
Polyus donates a dumper truck to a remote village

Kutana village, located in the Aldan Region of Yakutia (Republic of Sakha), has been able to complete a number of infrastructural works with the use of a dumper truck that was provided pro bono by Polyus Aldan.

Encouraging news has recently come from Kutana, which is home to indigenous people of the North. Residents of the village were highly appreciative of the offering, stating that thanks to the new dumper truck, the repair of Aldanskaya Street had been completed and a 1,200-metre roadbed had been constructed.

The street repair was part of Kutana’s 2020 improvement activities plan and was likely to have required months of work.

The residents of Kutana expressed their gratitude to the company:

“Thanks to the dumper truck we received from Polyus, the repair was completed well ahead of the schedule. We extend our sincere thanks to the company. ”

Source: SakhaNews