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Polyus decorates Natalka dormitories with street art

16 December 2021
Polyus decorates Natalka dormitories with street art

Polyus has commissioned well-known artists to paint the accommodation camps for shift employees’ at Natalka. Maksim Litvinov, a street artist from Magadan, organized the project, working with artists from Moscow such as Konstantin Danilov, Evgeny Voronin and Sergey Shevelev, all regular participants in international festivals and large mural projects across the world. The outer walls of the dormitories and canteen buildings are now painted with images of animals local to the Magadan region.

Maksim Litvinov commented,

«We are pleased to have completed such an inspirational and colorful project of this scale. We are grateful to Polyus Magadan and all of those who helped organize the project for their trust and for the opportunity to bring our ideas to life. It is great that Polyus employees who work in our beautiful region will be more comfortable at work and during their time off, despite the often harsh climate here. This art is aesthetically pleasing and will boost morale. It is especially important in winter when no other bright colors are around. This was our inspiration!»

Polyus employees and contractors living in the shift camp appreciated the art, noting that changes such as these are critical for those completing the shift work while living far from home.

Victoria Vasilyeva, Director of Public Relations at Polyus, commented,

«We wanted to ensure that our workers felt safe and comfortable in our shift camps. During the dark winter in Magadan, bright colors and sophisticated portraits of animals living in the region will be heart-warming. It will also serve as a helpful reminder to our colleagues of the importance of conserving biodiversity in the region.»