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Polyus contributed to a joint RAEX webinar to present company expertise in non-financial reporting

27 July 2023
Polyus contributed to a joint RAEX webinar to present company expertise in non-financial reporting

On 26 July, RAEX and the Integrated Reporting Committee hosted the "How Russian Companies Prepare Sustainability Reporting: Research and Recommendations" webinar.

Contributors to the webinar presented the best practices in non-financial reporting. Ivan Topolya, Chairman of the Integrated Reporting Committee, was first to address the viewers, followed by Sergey Kudryashov, Head of Sustainable Development at PhosAgro, and Daria Grigoreva, Head of Sustainability at Polyus.

Daria Grigoreva took the audience through the steps and timeline of reporting at Polyus, giving August as the starting point for preparing non-financial reporting for the current year. The first stage involves analyzing the latest changes in reporting standards and practices. Once this is complete, the team gathers information and communicates with stakeholders to get them involved in the upcoming report. The work on the actual text of the report starts in December, with Company departments contributing to the relevant sections. Polyus releases its Sustainability Report for the preceding year covering over 130 indicators in May — no later than a month after the annual IFRS financial reporting, as required by international standards.

Like most Russian Companies, Polyus releases its Sustainability Report once a year, making an emphasis on stakeholder requests regarding information disclosure. As stakeholders consistently showed an interest in certain sustainable development aspects, Polyus began publishing subject-specific reports as a regular practice. Over the past two years, the Company has released its Water Report and Report on Tailings Storage Facilities. Polyus also issued its Climate Strategy and continues to update corporate standards and policies on various sustainable development topics.

The webinar enjoyed one of the best attendance numbers in RAEX history. You can watch it online by clicking the link below: