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Polyus conducted the annual Occupational Health and Safety conference in Krasnoyarsk Territory

1 May 2019
Polyus conducted the annual Occupational Health and Safety conference in Krasnoyarsk Territory

Polyus Krasnoyarsk has conducted its annual Occupational Health and Safety conference, dedicated to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work observed on 28 April. The event featured discussions on OHS issues between professionals from the Krasnoyarsk Territory as well as an exhibition of personal protective equipment.

The right policies play a significant role

In the last year Polyus has combined its Health and Safety Policy and its Environmental Policy into one Health, Safety and Environment policy that is binding for both contractors and company staff. The policy plays a significant role in ensuring comfortable working conditions.

At the opening of the conference, Olimpiada Mine Director Evgeny Malykhin said:

“Each year brings new capacities, improved reagents, and more advanced machines and equipment, all of which require new approaches to health and safety. As the first Russian company to become a member of the International Council on Mining and Metals, Polyus is committed to continuously improving its health and safety practices. We are keeping up with the current global trends — preventing accidents and occupational diseases and achieving zero injury rates.”

The Company has developed and is implementing an integrated HSE&SD management system.

Pavel Pomykanov, HSE Director at Polyus Krasnoyarsk, commented:

“The main principles of our policy are compliance with statutory requirements and delivery on our commitments to all the stakeholders. We encourage our staff members to follow safety rules at work and in everyday life, enhance our integrated HSE&SD management system, and employ the best available technologies.

In 2018, we reworked and reapproved our HSE internal regulations to bring them in line with the international standards. During the same year, the Company received certification in accordance with ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 14001.”

Polyus’ efforts to promote safety culture were the focus of a presentation by Polyus Stroy’s representatives.

Shared responsibility

At Polyus, no economic, technical or other initiative is considered to be above safety rules.

Since 2012, Olimpiada has been implementing a large-scale program to enhance its safety culture. The program’s main goal is to raise employee awareness of the responsibility for their own and others’ safety.

Evgeny Malykhin, Olimpiada Mine’s Director, said:

“No matter your position or industry, you have to understand that occupational safety begins with you.”

There are financial and non-financial rewards to encourage employees to personally contribute towards improving safety. Each staff member follows the so-called golden rules, even when off-duty.

For example, head of construction and repair department Makhir Yusifov, who was at the conference, expressed his confidence in sound workplace safety across the board:

“Before I start work, I assess possible risks. I do not take any actions that entail high risk. First, you must eliminate all potential hazards, and only then proceed with work. After all, your family wants you at home in one piece!”

Prevention is better

The Company runs audits to identify unsafe conduct and assess risks. The results form the basis for a model of exemplary performance.

The audits do not aim to punish wrongdoers; the goal is to change employee behavior and prevent potential hazards in the future. To that same end, the Company organizes HSE lectures and training sessions.

During the conference, presenters produced data, shared the latest health and safety developments across the Company and in respect of its contractors, and spoke on the relevant measures that are being implemented.

They also presented case studies of real-life workplace and road accidents.

To wrap up the event, the Company announced the results of the children’s drawing contest and the HSE posters contest, where children had drawn pictures in paint, crayon and marker based on poster ideas submitted by the adults.

Gold Safety Guidelines

  1. I wear a seatbelt and do not talk on the phone while driving
  2. I use proper personal protective equipment (PPE)
  3. I follow laws, standards, rules and policies
  4. I take all training courses promptly and have all necessary work permits
  5. I assess risks before beginning my work
  6. I abandon work if I notice any safety violations
  7. I check the proficiency and work permits of contractors