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Polyus Builds recreation centre in Krasnoyarsk National Park

Polyus Builds recreation centre in Krasnoyarsk National Park

The Krasnoyarsk Stolby Nature Reserve, which celebrates its 95th anniversary this year, has opened a new recreation ground donated by Polyus near its mountain pass, with equipment for activities.

The equipment is a gift from Polyus to the people of Krasnoyarsk and visitors to the region. Closely located to the mountain pass, the site will be familiar to anyone who has visited the Nature Reserve. It is a place where hikers will often stop to rest after a long climb, have a cup of tea or warm themselves up in the tourist center.

In 2011, benches, swings and monkey bars were installed at the park. However, since this time the equipment has worn out and was in need of being refreshed. Polyus Krasnoyarsk contributed to the repairs to help the Stolby Nature Reserve.

The renovation started in August with the removal of the old apparatus and its replacement with new outdoor fitness equipment, swings and benches that have been adapted for people with disabilities. A shelter was also set up on the mountain pass for people to do yoga or shelter from the rain.

Around one million tourists visit the Stolby Nature Reserve each year, demonstrating the importance of installing quality facilities there. According to Vyacheslav Shcherbakov, the director of the nature reserve, the new additions significantly add to the existing landscape and facilities.

Alexander Tokarenko, deputy managing director of Polyus Krasnoyarsk, commented:

“Olimpiada, our flagship asset, is located within the Krasnoyarsk region. Lots of our employees are from Krasnoyarsk, and work and live here. That is why one of our key priorities, in terms of social responsibility, is to provide for the city and the region.”

The renovation of the facilities in the Stolby Nature Reserve will continue in 2021.