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Polyus Aldan preserves health of the employees

15 February 2022
Polyus Aldan preserves health of the employees

Polyus Aldan is one of a few industrial companies, which emphasizes the healthy lifestyle of its employees. The gold miner renders significant financial support to and partners with health centers, arranges wellness trips for its staff members during their vacations

The company’s committee on allocating trip vouchers recently held the meeting to review applications. Over 100 employees and their family members were awarded vacation tours to wellness and health centers located in Russia. The company signed agreements with health centers at the Black Sea coast and resorts such as Belokurikha, Buzuli, Kuldur, Barnaul and Gornye Klyuchi.

Much effort is made to enhance the quality of local medical services and diagnostics without discontinuing work. Polyus Aldan purchased a polymerase chain reaction device and auxiliary equipment, which widens possibilities to perform qualitative analysis for occurrence of the virus in a sample. This test option is one of the most accurate for diagnosing infectious pathogens, including COVID-19.

Amid challenging epidemiological situation, a series of periodic medical examinations were carried out by the Occupational Pathology Center within the Major Hospital. The conclusions made became the impetus for establishing a treatment support room. For this purpose, Polyus Aldan reconstructed and repaired a building, which was used as a treatment center in Nizhny Kuranakh.

The benefits go as follows: treatment under the supervision of highly qualified specialists of one of the leading medical centers, an opportunity to undergo an on-site health improvement course in cardiovascular diseases, rehabilitation and treatment of postvascular syndrome, neurology and etc. All employees of Polyus Aldan have already captured this opportunity.

When it comes to additional examinations, Pretor, a multidisciplinary medical center in Novosibirsk, organized diagnostics of Polyus Aldan’s employees with some indications for cardiovascular diseases. Electric stimulators for blood pressure correction were engaged, which combined with medication treatment help employees to stabilize and monitor their condition at home.