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Partnership with Vitim Nature Reserve to promote biodiversity

18 March 2021
Partnership with Vitim Nature Reserve to promote biodiversity

Polyus Stroy has teamed up with the Vitim Nature Reserve to develop an informative brochure on endangered species that live locally to the Company’s Bodaibo site.

The project is located in the Irkutsk Oblast region, with local wildlife including those that live in and around the Vitim river. The team at Polyus Stroy are lucky enough to see various different species of animals and plants, many of them being rare and requiring special consideration. The new brochure is designed to inform the employees at Polyus Stroy of the issue posed by these endangered species’ and their habits, and how the Company can reduce its impact on wildlife.

The brochure largely focuses on the local plants, which are the most vulnerable to Polyus’ activities and deposit development. The protection of these species is highly important; while some of these are rare, others can only be found in the Vitim Nature Reserve. Every employee of the Bodaibo site will be contributing to the conservation of these species, by studying the brochure and acting according. Polyus’ aim is to reduce any man-made impacts on nature reserve.

Polyus Stroy intends to roll out this initiative across the Company, developing brochures on local animal and plant species that inhabit the areas around its other construction sites.