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Partnership with the Magadan region

15 January 2019
Partnership with the Magadan region

In December 2018 Polyus and the government of the Magadan Region agreed to cooperate on social and economic development programmes.

The five-year agreement, which was signed on the sidelines of the Days of the Far East festival in Moscow, is designed to boost social and economic development through initiatives to build up and strengthen the local talent pool and expand and develop the region’s social, transportation, energy, utilities and industrial infrastructure.

Sergey Nosov, Governor of the Magadan Region, commented:

“Polyus is one of our most reliable partners for cooperation on social projects. The combination of budget financing and charitable contributions will maximize the social and economic impact.”

Polyus is also involved in a number of significant social projects as part of its partnership with the regional authorities. These range from constructing sporting facilities and refurbishing local schools to supporting cultural events.

In 2018, the Company helped supply coal for boilers in the Tenkinsky District in the run-up to the heating season, and sponsored several local development projects, including the refurbishments of the ballet hall at the Magadan Music and Drama Theater, of a recording studio at the College of Arts, and of the premises of Ust-Omchug school. We also traditionally support the national Golden Festival and after-school clubs for children in Omchak and Ust-Omchug.

This agreement will give an additional impetus to several key projects due to be launched in 2019.