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New Year charity events across Polyus’ business units

13 January 2020
New Year charity events across Polyus’ business units

New Year’s eve was marked by a number of charity events across Polyus’ business units. For example, our colleagues ensured that children in Aldan and Bodaybo received as many gifts as possible.

Aleksei Noskov, managing director of Polyus Aldan JSC (Kuranakh), arranged the New Year presents for local children. Volunteers dressed as Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, characters from Russian folklore, and visited the disabled children along with outreach workers and gave them sweets. Polyus Aldan JSC arranged a performance of a true New Year fairy tale for employees’ children. They were given a reception by Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, who treated them to sweets and organized entertainment.

Lenzoloto (Alluvials) held three separate charity events to celebrate New Year’s eve. Our colleagues visited the boarding school for children with special needs in Bodaybo. They discussed popular fairy tales, contemplating what went wrong and how problems could have been prevented. Using theatre, adults demonstrated how to respond if a stranger knocks on the door or how to not get lost when walking home. After the event, all the children received a gift. Another amazing event, “New Year Police Squad” took place at the youth center. Boys and girls were quizzed on road safety rules. As it was New Year’s eve, Polyus’ team formed a holiday-themed police squad made up of Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. After this, the characters visited the patients at the children’s hospital to entertain them with sweets and games.