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New energy safety training facilities at Kuranakh

5 October 2019
New energy safety training facilities at Kuranakh

A new training facility has been acquired for the Electrical Service Department at Kuranakh.

Department supervisors and HSE employees procured and installed equipment simulating the 6 kW in-pit power line for the training area. The equipment includes a substation which feeds two poles of the 6 kW incoming line, and transmission substations (6 kV YaKNO). Now, several times a week electricians practice their technical skills for operating electric installations with a capacity greater than 1 kW.

Anton Shipitsin, Chief Power Engineer at Kuranakh, commented:

“We also procured two sets of telescopic temporary earthing. A high-voltage tester is mounted on an extendable rod, which is designed so that supervisors can make sure the line is deenergized and earthing can be installed. This makes it possible for employees to install earthing from underneath, so that they don’t need to climb a pole wearing their full kit. In this way, it saves them considerable time.”

Personal voltage devices have already been in use at Kuranakh for three years. A special device sensitive to the electromagnetic field is mounted on the worker’s hard hat. When climbing a pole or approaching an energized power line, a the device immediately sets off light and sound alarms.

The Chita college students are currently being trained at the Electrical Service Department, where they are learning how to use personal equipment to protective themselves from electric shock hazards and work on a new site.