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Polyus and GEOS Museum take young geologists on an expedition

Polyus and GEOS Museum take young geologists on an expedition

The Central Siberia Geology Museum and Polyus have organized for young geologists to go on an expedition this summer.

The two-week trip, set to begin on 19 July 2021, includes 15 local Krasnoyarsk students. During the expedition they will take part in geological activities, explore caves outside the city and visit several museums. They will also complete real geological activities such as washing gold, identifying types of rock and logging. The student will be camping, competing over who is best at setting up their tent and having gatherings around the campfire.

The teachers leading the project teachers outline that such kind of events help reinforce theoretical knowledge as well as facilitate teamwork.

“Field practice is compulsory throughout the educational process. It requires hard work and team support as well as uncovers peculiarities of the tourist’s routine. This appears to be a real expedition where the rubber hits the road”, commented Anna Lopushenko, Head of GEOS Environmental Education and a teacher at young geologist’s school.

To recap, Young Geologist’s School project, where students are educated free of charge in such areas as geology and ecology, was founded 18 years ago. Among the teaching staff are specialists in geology and paleontology, as well as museum employees.