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Making dreams come true: Know the Worth of Gold

20 July 2020
Making dreams come true: Know the Worth of Gold

Polyus Magadan’s training program opens up the path to a new profession.

Newly-qualified and proactive staff members, who have been trained in using advanced technologies, are a valuable addition to any company. This is well understood by Polyus, which has launched various training programs for future employees far in advance of their first job placements.

Training programs for undergraduates have been in place at the company for over five years, and programs participants are mentored by experienced professionals on their way to becoming fully-fledged specialists. Below are some examples of employees who have completed undergraduate training programs at Polyus Magadan.

The ‘Know the Worth of Gold’ corporate training program, which Polyus has run since 2008, takes in undergraduates from numerous mining schools and colleges.

Students completing three to five-year undergraduate degrees in highly sought-after subjects receive benefits including salaries, free accommodation and meals, and the option to take part in sports and leisure activities with Polyus employees. The company pays for travel to work and mentors support undergraduates with the on-boarding process. At the end of the training program, participants have the opportunity be employed in Polyus’ business units.

Anastasiya Zhukovskaya visited Natalka for the first time in 2017.

She said that, for her, the training program for her was like travelling to another planet:

“I was offered a position as an Assistant Site Surveyor. The sheer scale of the mine impressed me at first sight. At the entrance to the Natalka mining site I saw a large pit and heavy machinery, which looked like another planet. I had found it difficult to imagine the size of a ball mill in real life — studying theory at university and seeing how it works in reality within the complex gold mining process are two different things.”

Anastasiya graduated from university this year and intends to work in a position related to her specialization.

Tatyana Badmayeva, a post-graduate of the Irkutsk National Research Technical University, commented:

“My first visit to the Natalka mine was in 2017. I fell in love with the nature of the North at first sight!" Tatyana is about to begin her first shift as a Mining Engineer at Polyus Magadan in July, and stated that she liked the job during her first training program, as people around her at the production site were always willing to help.

I was very glad when I received the offer to do my training program here. As an undergraduate I had been coming to Natalka for three years in a row and had no doubt that I would love to work here. I recently received the job offer I had be hoping to get from Polyus Magadan — my dreams really have come true!”

Tatyana Poletayeva, a Dispatch Operator at the processing plant, who graduated from Irkutsk National Research Technical University, has her own story to tell. She recounted that she had no idea what she wanted to work as while studying at university. She had gained an understanding of the essence of mining, geology and ore treatment step by step, and completed various training programs at different places, such as the Zakamensk and Albazino Resources processing complexes.

At the same time, she also wanted to complete her pre-graduation internship at Natalka:

“I decided to organise the internship independently and called the Polyus HR department; by June I had already arrived at the Natalka mine to practice as a Process Engineer. Under the supervision of my senior colleagues, I got the opportunity to understand and recognize the details of my profession." — she said. Tatyana is engaged in carrying out the technological process, drafting reporting documents and monitoring the process plant equipment. In her leisure time, she takes part in all the festivals and events together with her colleagues; a flash mob for Metallurgist’s Day, various contests, trips to Butugychagi and Jack London Lake. “It’s unforgettable!” Tatyana said. "The Natalka mine is like my second family, where all members are interconnected: unique nature, gold production and a friendly team. We are a team of the highest standard!”

Dozens of newly-qualified specialists would agree with Tatyana. Only yesterday they saw gold mining for the first time, and today they have already become a part of the comprehensive project.

Source:, Magadan