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Kuranakh shares safety compliance best practice

5 April 2020
Kuranakh shares safety compliance best practice

Kuranakh (Polyus Aldan) shared advice on organizing and ensuring compliance with industrial safety rules.

Representatives from the company took part in a public discussion on legal practices in 2019. The venue was organized by the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostekhnadzor). At the meeting, participants discussed typical examples of violations of compulsory requirements.

Polyus Aldan representatives delivered a comprehensive presentation on its practices and provided an overview on how to successfully arrange visits to production sites. Over the course of the day, representatives of Rostekhnadzor Lensky Divison and other regional companies familiarized themselves with measures for establishing safe operations and methods of achieving tangible results from risk mitigation strategies. The participants highly appreciated the insight provided by Polyus Aldan on ensuring compliance with safety rules at potentially hazardous production facilities.