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Know the Worth of Gold! – Polyus Internship Programme

5 September 2019
Know the Worth of Gold! – Polyus Internship Programme

Polyus has a corporate internship programme titled “Know the Worth of Gold”. The programme is aimed at encouraging students from industry-specific colleges and universities to gain first-hand experience in their field of study at the Company’s operating assets.

Victoria Lyakh, HR associate for cooperation with colleges and universities at Polyus Krasnoyarsk, said:

“This year, Polyus is excited that 80 undergraduates and 58 college students have joined our internship programme. Our interns are currently undertaking training across almost all the structural divisions at the Olimpiada Mine, gaining mining experience at the Vostochny and Blagodatnoye pits as well as at processing plants, various workshops and support units. Seasoned mentors from Polyus’ highly-skilled personnel introduce students to the operations and help them adapt to their new professional life.”

Interns who stood out during the programme may receive job offers from Polyus.

For interns participating in the programme for the first time, the Company arranges dedicated site visits. These are designed to give a comprehensive overview of how the flowsheets work and to show how everyone contributes towards a common goal.

Anatoly Golovastikov, 5th-year undergraduate, Geology and Geotechnologies Institute of the Siberian Federal University, said:

“Last year, I already completed an internship in Polyus’ Survey Department. It was a great experience. I study open-pit mining engineering at university. This year, I received my blaster’s uniform certificate and came here to gain practical experience. The profession of a blaster is sort of romantic and not as dangerous as it used to be. The training provided by Polyus was extremely beneficial, because at university we mainly study theory, while here we grasp the reality.”