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International Race of Promises at Polyus Magadan

9 March 2021
International Race of Promises at Polyus Magadan

Athletes from Polyus Magadan took part in the annual international race of promises. The runners did not compete to run the furthest or the fastest; they ran the distance they had dreamt of.

This year, the distance was 2,021 meters. The athletes wrote down their own dreams, desires and goals on their race bibs.

The Polyus Magadan Running Club was made up of 20 athletes, who were met with gifts, tea and entertainment at the end of the 2,021 meter run.

Lydia Zhukova and Darya Tsarkova, Ambassadors of the Polyus Magadan Running Club commented:

“The runners felt a rush of positive emotions and a festive spirit after finishing the race. This is another example of how friendly and easy-going our running team is. Our colleagues from the Olimpiada mine and Karelia sites were also supporting us, as part of the Polyus family.”