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Geology Museum of Central Siberia moves to new building

Geology Museum of Central Siberia moves to new building

On 21 February, the GEOS Geology Museum of Central Siberia was reopened after its renovation.

Following the museum’s relocation, the “Territory of Gold: History and Success of Gold Mining in the Krasnoyarsk Region” exhibition has remained intact. This popular exhibition comprises various ores and minerals mined by Polyus, mainly from the Olimpiada deposit.

GEOS and Polyus first began cooperating six years ago, for Russia’s first dramatized geological show, “Zolotovodsk”. The museum’s employees conveyed the feeling of the “gold fever” era, when small miners rushed to discover gold, to its visitors. The stage was decorated in the style of the 19th century, when the inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk washed sands for gold.

Since then, Polyus and the museum have continued their cooperation, and GEOS has hosted the ongoing “golden” exhibition.

On 22 February, the day after the museum reopened, employees from Polyus Krasnoyarsk were among the first to visit the exhibition, many of them with their families.