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Female leadership at Polyus: Valeria Andryuschenko, chief geologist at Verninskoye

5 October 2020
Female leadership at Polyus: Valeria Andryuschenko, chief geologist at Verninskoye

Valeria Andryuschenko, Polyus Verninskoye’s Chief Geologist, has set an example to her fellow employees in terms of the number of performance-enhancing initiatives she has introduced to the company.

Polyus incentivizes its employees to propose initiatives that will improve the efficiency of the business. Valeria submitted eight initiatives in September, five of which have already been introduced, and was justifiably recognized as the leader of the month. This was her first time winning it.

Most of the changes Valeria proposed relate to improvements to the Mine Visions software. One of these was creating a virtual archive of templates that can be used for importing various parameters of exploration, core and in-fill drilling holes, as well as for all types of geophysical, mapping and analytical information.

The archive was designed for storing templates with explanations of which template to use for importing each type of exploration or any other kind of work. The template will be uploaded for all new import types into the newly created archive, meaning employees no longer have to spend time looking through existing templates or developing new import types.

Valeria, a graduate of the Exploration Department at Saint Petersburg Mining University, started working for Polyus Verninskoye in September 2018.