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Female leadership at Polyus: Svetlana Tsryulnikova , Head of Technical Control Department at Verninskoye

16 March 2020
Female leadership at Polyus: Svetlana Tsryulnikova , Head of Technical Control Department at Verninskoye

Svetlana Tsyrulnikova, having started her career as a technician, is now Head of the Technical Control Department at Verninskoye.

Svetlana has been working at Polyus Verninskoye for seven years. She chose this career path because of a family tradition, with her grandfather and mother having also worked in the mining industry, leaving Svetlana with no doubts about her future career.

Svetlana started her career as a technician at the Zhirekensky Mining and Concentration Complex, but the mine operation was later suspended. Fortunately, at that time she was offered the position of foreman at the Verninskoye mine. She was promoted to Deputy Chief Technologist for Research within three years, holding responsibility for cooperation with research institutes engaged to introduce recovery improvement initiatives. In 2019, Svetlana was promoted to the position of Head of the Technical Control Department.

The Technical Control Department was established shortly after the processing plan was commissioned and currently consists of 20 people. It is something that Svetlana is very passionate about.

Svetlana Tsyrulnikova commented:

“We control the whole flowsheet at the mill, from feeding the run-of-mine ore right up to the shipment of doré gold. We monitor compliance with all processing parameters, which is very important in order to reduce possible gold losses. We are also responsible for the ensuring that the data obtained during sampling and sample preparation is reliable. We have state-of-the-art equipment and are implementing ongoing modernization programs, and are constantly looking for new ways to enhance productivity. We are also always looking to develop the skillset and qualifications of our employees, and their development being important to us.”

Svetlana’s case is an excellent example that proves that hard work and passion can make achieving success a possibility.