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Female leadership at Polyus: Lidia Zhukova, engineer and running ambassador at Polyus Magadan

19 December 2020
Female leadership at Polyus: Lidia Zhukova, engineer and running ambassador at Polyus Magadan

Polyus Magadan has a new running ambassador. Lidia Zhukova, Lead Engineer of the Estimating and Contracts Department, now has additional responsibilities outside of her main role.

This is not the start of Lidia’s athletics career; she has been a runner for many years, although not professionally. However, creating a running team at Polyus Magadan helped Lidia to fall back in love with running. With regular team training sessions, Lidia quickly became one of the fastest runners. This encouraged her to regularly participate in industry-wide sporting events, including a half-marathon in Magadan and Krasnoyarsk’s Zhara marathon.

Lidia has now been appointed as a corporate running ambassador at Polyus Magadan.

Lidia Zhukova commented:

“This was a real surprise for me. I did not think I was ready to be an ambassador of the running club at Polyus Magadan yet, but it is a great honor. I am grateful to our corporate sports club and its coaches, Daria Tsarkova and Valery Sanyuk, as they have had a great influence on my running.

Their training sessions were very effective, and helped us develop a positive mindset, as well as improve our technique. It was thanks to them that I re-found my love for running. With the 2020 running season closed, I am already thinking of lots of ideas that we can develop forthe running club for the 2021 season!”