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Eight women from Polyus won awards at the Talented Woman in Mining contest

12 October 2022
Eight women from Polyus won awards at the Talented Woman in Mining contest

On 7 October, Women in Mining Russia announced the winners of the Talented Woman in Mining 2022 award.

Anastasiya Lyashenko, Developer at Polyus Digital, won in the Innovator of the Year category following her participation in the project on RPA-based automation of day-to-day processes that was implemented in the company’s Shared Service Center.

The other female Polyus employees received awards in the following categories:

  • Inna Peretolchina, Head of Transaction at the Shared Service Center, and Darya Voltova, Contract Specialist at Polyus Krasnoyarsk, received the Mentor of the Year award;
  • Yulia Fomina, Dispatcher at Polyus Krasnoyarsk, was recognized in the Social Project of the Year category;
  • Elena Pinkevich, Head of Mining and Environmental Monitoring at Polyus Krasnoyarsk, and Svetlana Tsyrulnikova, Head of Technical Control at Polyus Verninskoye, were awarded for the Project of the Year;
  • Olga Koroleva, Senior Electrical Engineer at Polyus Verninskoye, was recognized for the Breakthrough of the Year;
  • Olga Lunina, QA Head at Polyus Magadan, was acknowledged in the Innovator of the Year category.

This year, the contest included 10 categories, with 400 women from the mining industry taking part, and 115 participants from 28 companies in Russia and Kazakhstan reached the final.