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COVID-19 contingency measures at Polyus

COVID-19 contingency measures at Polyus

Polyus’s first priority in the current pandemic environment is the wellbeing and safety of our employees.

With this in consideration, Polyus began monitoring the COVID-19 threat level at an early stage, and as soon as the widespread nature of the virus became known, we quickly introduced a set of initiatives to counter its spread, to protect our people while ensuring that our operations remained uninterrupted.

Initial prevention procedures

Daily temperature checks were introduced for all employees at operating facilities and offices, as well as daily disinfection of premises. The Company’s business units also promptly formed a stock of medicines and personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees and medical staff. Shifts for employees at production sites were extended.

Restrictions were immediately placed upon business travel, with employees and their families also advised against unnecessary personal travel. The Company asked some employees to work remotely from home.

COVID-19 testing programme

Early detection of infection is critical to prevent the spread of the disease, especially for shift rotation personnel.

Polyus introduced advanced screening measures, closely followed by mass testing programmes for rotation employees and contractors at its business units. A testing programme is also in place for personnel remaining at their workplaces in Krasnoyarsk, Bodaibo and Moscow offices.

Procuring medical equipment

In addition, Polyus has provided support to hospitals with the procurement of medical equipment. The company procured and delivered 45 artificial lung ventilators (ALVs) for hospitals in the regions of its operations. This medical equipment is vitally important for COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms.

Equipment has been donated to hospitals in close proximity of Polyus’ operating facilities so that, if necessary, Polyus’ employees will have access to effective medical care as quickly as possible.

Additional technology measures

QR codes were introduced to simplify procedures at Verninskoye and accelerate the process of risk identification. With 2D barcodes now installed in production analysis rooms, employees can easily report any identified hazards using smartphones.

The initiative was appreciated by the Health, Safety and Environment Department, which had recommended using QR codes during the pandemic. After reading the code, smartphone users are sent an action plan of the necessary measures they need to take.