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Children with special needs from Magadan took part in the competitions held in Saint-Petersburg

14 January 2020
Children with special needs from Magadan took part in the competitions held in Saint-Petersburg

330 children with special needs attend the Magadan regional education centre #1.

The centre provides specially designed training sessions and contests for them. The children take part in various sporting activities and pupils from the Magadan centre recently participated in the Special Olympics of Russia.

Polyus arranged a trip for three pupils from the centre, accompanied by their teacher to Saint Petersburg, where The All-Russia Festival for children with permanent disabilities was being held. The festival of Sports and Creativity aims to support the Special Olympic Movement and increase its members.

Throughout the competition, participants demonstrated their talents in sports, art, music and choreography. Athletes and artists from various schools, children’s homes and rehabilitation centres, as well as from family, sports and crafts clubs from 40 regions in Russian, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan attended the festival.

In a highly competitive environment, the children from Magadan achieved solid results. Evgenia Medvedeva, a teacher from the Magadan regional education centre #1, said that participating in the Sports and Creativity festival enables the children to socialize and gain confidence in activities they are fond of.

Evgenia Medvedeva commented:

“I am so impressed! We won two medals — the gold medal for the 6th division and the silver medal for the 5th division. Over 100 people took part in the contest. We visited the historical sites of Saint Petersburg and architecture monuments, and got to know some history about this wonderful city.”