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AK&M rating agency upgraded Polyus ESG reporting rating to the highest level of sustainability disclosure

14 October 2022
AK&M rating agency upgraded Polyus ESG reporting rating to the highest level of sustainability disclosure

AK&M rating agency upgraded Polyus ESG reporting rating to RESG 1. This proves the comprehensive corporate disclosure of sustainability. In 2021, Polyus received the RESG 2 rating from AK&M.

The agency assessed sustainability reporting for 2021. The company was among the first in Russia to disclose its sustainability efforts and released its first reporting in 2015 as part of the Company’s annual report. Since 2018, Polyus has published a separate sustainability report and has been improving its quality year by year.

FY 2021 reporting meets the highest standard according to AK&M methodology. The agency emphasized the high quality and full disclosure of environmental indicators and considered the report one of the best in the mining industry. At Polyus, environmental issues are taken into account when making decisions at all levels, which was reflected in the report. The activities encompass not only sustainability disclosure, and the Company recognizes its responsibility towards the environment. Therefore, it released a Water Report providing details about the use and management of water resources.

The Company focuses on the climate agenda. Polyus formed the Council for Energy Projects, which is designed to streamline energy project management and business process optimization. Polyus Board of Directors supervises climate-related issues. The report sets out the Company’s goals and describes the achievements in mitigating the impacts on climate and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The report has a well-developed content and convenient navigation menus. Qualitative data is presented for the period of 3-5 years. The report was independently assessed by an auditing company and publicly assured.

AK&M rating agency highly appraised the quality of Polyus’s sustainability reporting and recommends that the reports include information on the support for small and medium-sized businesses in the regions where the Company operates.

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